Natural recipes from your home for healthy hair

Recipes for hair

Natural recipes from your home for healthy hair Long, heavy and shiny hair is always on every woman’s wish list, but daily sun exposure, pollution and heat make it an almost impossible dream, and the products on the market contain more harmful chemicals than they do in the long run.

healthy food

The meaning of healthy eating here is to eat a large share of vegetables, fruits and foods that contain proteins and omega-3 daily throughout life, the health system plays an important role in the health of the body and thus affects the health of hair and here are some of the foods depending on your hair type you can choose from them what suits you.

For normal hair: fish, chicken, saffron and leafy vegetables

– For dry hair: raw vegetables, legumes, brown rice, bananas and nuts Capsules containing vitamin E.

– Oily hair: salads, fresh fruits and yogurt

Use a mild shampoo

One of the most important steps to keep your hair healthy is to keep it clean, and the product you choose should be right for you

– For dry hair: Choose a type of shampoo does not lose all natural oils that are excreted from the hair, such as natural shampoos.

– For oily hair: Choose a type that balances the natural hair oils and clean the hair such as that contain natural oils.

Does the use of shampoo in general will affect the hair a lot? Yes, always remember that the only function of shampoo is to clean the scalp only and not necessarily the whole hair.

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