Home exercises to lift the chest quickly

Home exercises to lift the chest quickly

Home exercises to lift the chest quickly Some causes of sagging and sagging breasts Home exercises to raise the chest and tighten up Push Up Plank exercise Exercise tightening and lifting sagging chest Shoulder joining exercise Squat exercise Some massage methods that help lift the breast and tighten Massage using olive oil Massage using the ring Massage with Vaseline

Many suffer from the problem of sagging chest, which negatively affects the general appearance of women, and to get breasts tight and lifted must exercise in daily life, especially exercises focused on the muscles and tissues of the chest, we will provide in this article home exercises to raise the chest and some simple ways to massage the breasts And raise it at home, too.

Some causes of sagging and sagging breasts

Pregnancy and breastfeeding.
Due to hormonal changes after menopause.
Rapid weight loss or rapid weight gain.
Wearing bra is appropriate.
Do some calgary exercise without wearing a suitable bra.

Home exercises to raise the chest and tighten up

You can do home exercises to raise your chest regularly, helping you tighten your breast muscles and get satisfactory results in a short time.

Push Up

One of the best exercises to lift the chest, lift your body from the ground as long as possible with a firm stomach and leave your hands steady, and then slowly drop to the ground again, repeat it 10 times, this exercise helps to tighten the chest muscles and also very useful for the neck muscles.

Plank exercise

It is one of the easiest exercises to lift the chest area and tighten the abdominal muscles and buttocks, exercise is lying down on the abdomen and loading the body and resting on the forearms and toes, is held steady for this position for 30 seconds at the beginning, then increase the time gradually every day.

Tightening and lifting sagging chest exercises

It is also one of the easiest exercises to raise the chest, the exercise is leaning on the bed or anything, and then hold your hands on the end, and the extent of your feet back straight, then lower the chest area down and lift it up with ease, repeat this exercise at least 20 times .

Shoulder joining exercise

Exercise is done by standing or sitting, then carrying weights ranging from one kilogram or two kilograms, taking into account the fixation of the arms at right angles, and the elbows are upright with the shoulders, join the arms forward and then back to the starting position, repeat this exercise 10 Times.

Squat exercise

Squat exercise is one of the exercises that help to lift the breast and tight, as in the picture.

Massage using olive oil

Massage your breasts using olive oil twice a week, it increases the elasticity of the breast and improves blood circulation, and uses many olive oil and useful for skin and hair.

Massage using the ring

Mix a cup of water with fenugreek powder, until you get a mixture that looks like dough, then massage your breasts with the mixture, and leave for 15 minutes, then wash.

Massage with Vaseline

Vaseline is a great substance to moisturize and tighten the skin, massage the breast using Vaseline.

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