12 recipe to lose waist and buttock area quickly


12 recipe to lose waist and buttock area quickly Slimming the waist and buttocks. Recipes slimming waist and buttocks. Beetroot and cinnamon recipe. Recipe honey and radish. Mint recipe and pomegranate peel. Chamomile recipe.

The first recipe: ginger and mint recipe

Tablespoon ground ginger
Tablespoon rosemary
Tablespoon ground mint
Tablespoon green tea
liter of water
– Boil all the ingredients for 5 minutes and then drain, drink it daily from 4 to 6 cups, also prefer to drink a glass of the mixture before eating half an hour.

Second recipe: cinnamon and cumin recipe

Teaspoon ground ginger
Quarter teaspoon cinnamon
A cup of boiling water
Teaspoon ground cumin
– Do not boil the amounts in water, but placed on a glass of boiling water and leave for 10 minutes, and make sure to drink before eating each meal half an hour as you can sweeten with honey.

NB: Nutritionists advise you to drink this recipe in particular, as it helps to strengthen the immunity and close the appetite, as it keeps the joints from inflammation.

Third recipe: recipe parsley and cinnamon

Bouquet of parsley
2 pear fruit
2 green apples
4 lettuce leaves
Spoon honey
Spoon cinnamon
– Fail the amounts in the blender, then boil over low heat and drink the mixture cool.

he fourth recipe: recipe Miramia and rosemary

A spoon of sage
Spoon chamomile
Spoon rosemary
Mix the ingredients in a cup of boiling water, and drink on an empty stomach without sugar daily in the morning.

The fifth recipe: recipe green tea and ginger

Spoon green tea
Half a spoon of ginger
Half a spoon mint
Half a spoon cumin
Mix the ingredients in a cup of boiling water, and drink on an empty stomach without sugar daily morning and half an hour before each meal.

The sixth recipe: green tea recipe

By drinking green tea alone, you can burn about 40% of the excess fat if you drink it daily for a week, and bring it boiling in water, then transferred in the cup and covered for 3 minutes to retain volatile oils and then drink.

Recipe VII: Recipe vegetable juice

Parsley herb
Watercress herb
Dill herb
Mix all ingredients in an electric blender until a slightly heavy mixture is formed. Drink 3 times a day before each meal.

8th recipe: cinnamon and honey recipe

Teaspoon of cinnamon
A glass of boiling water
Two teaspoons of honey
Add cinnamon to a cup of boiling water, then leave the cup until cooled, then add honey, and this recipe is taken just before bedtime.

The ninth recipe: recipe orange and lemon

Orange juice
Lemon juice
Drink this juice twice a day. You can also brew the boiled drink, bring orange peel and lemon after cleaning and then put in the boiling water a little and drink half an hour before each meal.

Tenth recipe: Recipe milk

A cup of skim milk, drank once daily in the morning, helps you lose weight because it contains calcium a great aid in burning fat intensely

Prescription Eleventh: Recipe pineapples and kiwi

Pineapple and kiwi juice
Drink pineapple juice and kiwi once a day for two weeks to lose about 10 kg of weight naturally.

Twelfth recipe: Recipe parsley

Herb of parsley

Recipes slimming waist and buttocks

Boil parsley in water and then filtered and drink on an empty stomach every morning, and half an hour before each meal, it fills the appetite naturally and makes you feel full without any side effects, as it has many health benefits, most important of cleaning and maintaining the kidneys.

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